The Feast is creeping…

Well Thanksgiving is right around the corner! I am curious, what are your Thanksgiving favorites?

Every year we all go to my grandmothers (nana as I like to call her) house for a great feast; she generally cooks everything by herself. Well this year I would like to bring an item. Yes only 1 item, I know- I know!

 It does NOT have to be fancy, especially because I doubt anyone will touch it. But I am a Mother now and this is something I should do: Learn to start preparing Thanksgiving meals… right?

Any one care to share any of their holiday favorites?

Whatever I find, I will be sure to share my Thanksgiving cooking failure with you all. 🙂

“Failure is the key to success; each mistake teaches us something” – M.U.

1 thought on “The Feast is creeping…”

  1. Nana? You started calling me Granny about 10 years ago and we both know how that started. You have come from “I am going to be rich enough to have a full time cook or eat out all the time” to adventurous in the kitchen, we all learn from trial and error and sometimes our error becomes a recipe ;-). My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving. I love you cook for the people I love & I love my family all together under one roof. As years pass and everyone has their own families and have more families that beckon their presence at the holidays and family gatherings to becomes difficult to get everyone under one roof. I must Thank you for always trying to be there with your little mini me. I love you G baby.

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