Holiday Traffic

Over the past couple of days I have learned I am not built for Holiday Traffic. Well I am not built for traffic period, but Holiday traffic is the worse.

Yea I know that nobody enjoys  traffic; but lets just pretend that I am the only person for a second!

Having to watch people weave through lanes and between cars like they are on NASCAR grinds ever gear I have; witnessing the stupidity of drivers not having on their headlights for on MILES & MILES; Even the lack of using a signal light has my head ready to explode.

It seems like the Holidays bring out the worse drivers known to man kind, places them on the road together and then something in this fabulous world we live in directs them towards me. I get stuck on the road with all the people who CLEARLY should not be driving.

I know I am not the only person who feels this way.

Don’t misinterpret my complaining! 🙂 We are all humans and we make mistakes, I get that! However being Human does not provide people with a free pass to be openly horrible and obnoxious drivers.

Yesterday in 1 trip to a location across town, I was cut off TWICE, I ended up behind multiple people who never EVER heard of a Signal light; I passed a couple Elderly Texters who were completely lost in their phones and unaware that they had gotten into their cars and onto the road. I also encountered a few tailgaters who had a problem with me doing the speed limit.

All I could do was continue driving while talking a crap load of mess with an occasional curse word that I later apologized for.

Thank goodness I have improved my Road Rage! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Holiday Traffic”

  1. Ok first off High Blood Pressure runs in our family, so Road Rage is not good. I know you remember all those days you were in the back seat riding with me that my mouth did not stop. I have cured 90% of that. It started out when I got in traffic and people were pi***** me off, I would sing Jesus Loves me. I know this sounds silly (but it’s not). It works! Then I learned some of the words to Jesus take the wheel ;). I listen to K-Love ALL the time now (I can’t find a good gospel station around here). And now I love K-Love. Just remove yourself for the idiots around you (still stay alert!!!). Oh and about those Elderly Texters, they probably have grandkids that talked them into learning to text. lol MERRY CHRISTMAS

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