Christmas Eve & Christmas 2015

I know I am a little late, but I hope everyone is enjoying their Holiday time with family and friends.

This year marked Kenzy’s 2nd Christmas with us! It is amazing how much a year changes things. Last year my little munchkin was just learning to sit up and still working on that hand eye coordination. This year we had to chase after her and try to prevent the destruction of wrapped presents and nicely decorated Christmas Trees!

Every year Kenzy’s Grandmother on her Dads side host a Christmas Eve Dinner. Its a good time for some extra laughs, great food, & a chance to open a few gifts before Christmas morning! 🙂


Here is Kenzy Christmas Eve 2014



Here is Kenzy Christmas Eve

It was pretty difficult to get a good shot of her  because she stayed on the move.

Here are some other photos from Christmas eve and Christmas morning.


Here is Kenzy Christmas Eve 2014


Kenzy and her Aunt!








Kenzy uncle Russ looks pretty excited about his gift!


Kenzy’s older cousin. Finally got her to smile!


Kenzy’s aunt & her boyfriend!


Kenzy & her dad- off guard!


Kenzy’s aunt & cousin having a dance off!


Kenzy’s Grandmother helping unwrap her 1st present!


The 1st thing she ran too Christmas morning!


She opened all of her gifts inside that car!!


She really looks interested in her jewelry.

There are many more photos I could share with everyone. I really just wanted to share enough showing the love and blessings our family experienced this Christmas.  We are all in good health and have the opportunity to spend time with each other!

While I have your attention I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year as well. I hope everyone stays safe & brings in the New Year with the people they love!


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