School Ramblings

My 1st semester at a University starts Tuesday. For some reason I find myself pretty nervous about the change! It is not like this is my rodeo in College; I spent almost 4 years at a Junior college working towards my degree. (Details on that click HERE.)

I don’t know why I have this fear of attending the University. Maybe its the work load. Could it be that different? Maybe it is the professors. I have heard they are much more strict. Or maybe its the fact that I am working towards another 2 year goal. Maybe I am just worrying myself for no reason.

I feel like a kid again, starting a new school year. On one level I am exciting classes are starting back up; I am excited to LEARN new things and become that much closer to my Bachelors degree. And then on some other level, school is starting & I have to find time to study, do homework, take tests & those same things that make starting school exciting also make me nervous!

But I know all I can do is take each day as it comes to me!




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