And then what?

I find myself pulling away from people. These are people I consider close friends & even family; so, I am left struggling with my reasons for pulling away.

I never understood how people could be so blessed & yet struggle so much; I could never wrap my mind around the concept of blessed and struggles working parallel to each other & intertwining paths.

I’ve grown to realize a lot of these struggles are internal ones. We struggle with ourselves, who we are,  who we want to be, who OTHERS what us to be. We allow these thoughts, whispers to take over.

Those internal struggles eventually spill over into that blessed life you live.

And then what?


One thought on “And then what?

  1. It’s growing pains. Just remember to put God first.
    My prayer for you: There is an anointing of ease on your life, God is going before you making crooked places straight. His yoke is easy and his burden is light. You will not continually struggle. What use to be difficult will not be difficult anymore. God’s favor and blessings on your life is lightening the load and taking the pressure off. In Jesus Christ Dear Precious Name Amen!
    Remember my first born gg baby Family and close friends are very important, if you must pull away make it ever so briefly.

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