10 day Smoothie Challenge

I recently participated in the JJ Smith’s Green Smoothie challenge. I honestly dont know why I do these things anymore.

I participated in the modified challenge/cleanse, so I only drank 2 smoothies a day & ate 1 healthy meal. You are allowed to snack on veggies and some fruits in between while practicing self control.

I was pretty nervous about the taste of the smoothies, but I actually enjoyed most of them & even walked away with a favorite flavor & runner up! 🙂

I didn’t drop a whahhpping 15 pounds or nothing amazing like that, but I am down 4 pounds…

That’s a start people!!

Aside from this week (because we are moving) I have been hitting the gym 2-4 times a week. I am either participating in class called XFit or  I am working out on my own, but using a lot of what I learned in XFit!

Its gonna be difficult missing the gym this week as well as coming off the cleanse. Once we get settled in I plan to give it one more go & see if I can loose 5 pounds instead of 4!! #goals haha 🙂

Anyone give it a try? If so, did you enjoy your results??


Mini Update

I have been beyond slacking with my post lately.  I am going to blame it on the Holidays and having a toddler! 🙂

This will be a quick post, because I realized I have not done any “updates” on the whole working out, weightless, lets try this again faze!

Well, to the point, I am down only 5 pounds since I started about a month ago. There is not routine. I work out moderately twice a week, maybe. I walk everyday, very slow pace and usually with my daughter. Also I eat what I please! I haven’t changed my eating habits, except for cutting out on sodas. I still drink sodas, but I have greatly limited my intake.

So what have I changed???? Really I have mostly changed my soda intake! That is the only constant thing. I work out more, but as I  mentioned there is no routine.

I understand that “fitness” is like 80% nutrition and 20% workouts. (Or something along those line.) That’s all fine and dandy, but honestly I am not about changing WHAT I eat, but I can modify HOW I eat. Hope that makes since. I’ll explain better in a different post soon!

This week I have kicked it up a notch on the work outs. I start the 30day ab challenge tonight. It is nothing too fancy, but I need to make the work outs more intense in order to see more than 5 pounds fall off in 4 weeks. Yes, yes… I know if I changed what I ate I would have better results…ehh, but I’m not really feeling that! haha!

That’s all for now…. I’ll be back soon! 🙂

Today is a New day… 12/7/15

Yesterday I made the decision to stop being lazy and get back to my “fitness routine”.     *clears throat*

I have been thinking about how much I have been slacking the past few months; but that’s all I was doing…thinking about it. I kept telling myself that I don’t have the time or I needed to study, etc.  It was not until yesterday that I made up my mind.  I received a gentle nudge (more like violent shove down 100 flight of stairs ending in a face plant on hot coals) from a very very close family member! She helped me say “okay- enough is enough!”

Isn’t it amazing how brutally honest family members can be while showing love & being supportive…. haha

So as I mentioned before I did the 21 day fix, I am not doing that again! While I did have good results I know am not going to follow it to the ‘T’. However I learned some cool work outs that I plan to continue using.

After the 21 day fix, before I entered my slacking stage, I simply worked out 3-5 days a week. Everyday that I worked out consisted of leg work. I rotated ab work every other day, of course depending on if I worked out 3, 4, or 5 days. As for cardio I walked (power walked of course) 45 minutes to an hour.  I didn’t track how many miles that I completed; I just tried to keep my heart rate under 140. Also my walking usually consisted of pushing a stroller. If that means anything…

As for eating, I did not pig out and eat junk food all day and I don’t do that now. However I did take into consideration the type of foods I ate! For example I would chose grapes for a snack over chips. I completely cut out fast food, with the exception of salads from McDonalds. I drank water and green tea through the day & drank a soda or two on the weekends only!

These days I just kind of eat & drink whatever and maybe get 1 work out completed each week.


Yes disgraceful, I know!


Well, since I did make up my mind last night it would have only been right to get back on track today. I would have to say I’ve done okay, so far. My breakfast was not the best choice, but I have been chugging water today, no sodas! 🙂

To keep myself accountable I think I am going to keep track of everything again using Myfitnesspal. I absolutely love that app!!  At the end of each week I may post my work outs and foods & every two weeks post my progress (no pictures, just data- haha) but I am not sure yet!

I’m sure I can stick to it this time around, I just have to stop making excuses! 🙂

You know any fun work outs,healthy snack options, or just have any suggestions, please feel free to share!


The past couple days have been…

I absolutely hate seeing may baby sick. I am sure many parents can relate to that feeling. Generally I try to stay away from the “hate” word, but in this situation there is no better word.

Currently Kenzy is battling a double ear infection accompanied by a horrible cough and uncontrollable congestion! I know – I know, kids get ear infections all the time, a cough is nothing. But just knowing my little lady is battling something hurts my heart. Especially since I cant do anything to fix it.

Kenzy is a Happy toddler! I would have never known she didn’t feel good had she not had a fever of 102 over the weekend. (And yes, I am one of those mamas who hops in the car and races to the ER when it comes to fevers.) However this time I played it cool. I remembered my steps. So I gave her some Motrin & we got out the brain juice (water) and snuggled on the couch. About 30mins later the fever had broke to 99.8 and within about an hour it was gone. But its like that fever brought on a wave of other symptoms.

I don’t pay much attention to a little stuffiness. Here is Texas its winter, summer, spring, and fall all in 1 week, so I expect her allergies to be affected; mine usually are as well. But after that fever the congestion became 10 times worse, the drainage was thicker & there was a cough.

Oh that cough!

Saturday night I break out the nose saline, Nose Frida (which I absolutely love) and the humidifier! I want to make her as comfortable as possible. Saturday night went okay; there wasn’t too many middle of the night cries and quick nose suctions! However Sunday night was a completely different story. Every time she was good and sleep it seemed like her nose decided to play evil tricks and wake her up with a spasm of coughs until she threw up. This night I could defiantly tell she didn’t feel good. She was crying nonstop & clinging on to me for dear life; but as soon as I would hold her she would flip out like she didn’t want to be help. Yes, Sunday night was rough.

After multiple nose cleaning attempts, a lot of water (to break up that mucous) and hugs and kisses, I finally got her good and settled about 3am.

This created the 1st morning she wasn’t up before me. I had to wake her! I had to dress her while she was sleeping. This really hurt my heart how tired my baby was.

I called her Doctor as soon as they opened, 7:30am! They were able to squeeze us in that afternoon. Around 3:30 that day her dad calls me and tells me Double ear infection (which she just had one 4 weeks ago) and she has to start a breathing treatment.

I know you may feel I am over reacting, but it really sucks when there is something wrong with your child. You try and protect you child from physical harm, the “mean” kids at school, but we also try and protect our children from getting sick.

After I am done feeling shitty about Kenzy having another ear infection; I call the pharmacy to get an estimate on when the prescriptions will be filled.

The response I get “I am sorry we do not have a prescription for her.”

I don’t flip out. I understand mix ups happen. So I call every pharmacy I have used in my town to see if her prescription was sent there. Only to be told, “I am sorry we do not have a prescription for her.”

So now I have gotten upset! I called her doctor, and I got the after hours line. I spent from 5pm-9pm trying to get her medications Monday night and no one could help me. How could people be so unhelpful about medications for a sick child. I understand her situation may not be severe, but in my eyes I would have to disagree!

So Monday night consisted of the same regimens – nose saline, nose frida, and humidifier. I didn’t receive any different results; she had a very rough night!

Tuesday morning, 7:35 sharp, I left a very detailed message with the doctors office. I was  not rude, I was able to suppress my anger! The prescriptions where magically sent to the correct pharmacy; only for the pharmacy to tell me that there is a hold on the solution for the Nebulizer  and her primary and secondary insurance will not cover the Nebulizer cost. The only thing the pharmacy has that I can pick up is the antibiotics for the ear infection!

Did I flip my shit?! No…haha I didn’t! I had to “whoosaa,” but I was okay!

I tried to remain positive and think at least her antibiotics is in. I can at least start her on that today.

So currently I am at work trying to WORK and figure out what place will accept her insurance, if they accept her insurance will I receive the Nebulizer the same day or if I need to just pay cash and avoid all this extra mess! Either way I need to be sure she has all her medications today!!

This situation + the lovely weather (its 50 degrees and raining cows and horses btw.) = the best morning I have had in a while.

(Fake smiles, with my head cocked to the side, my eyes bucked open and hair falling out.)

So how is your morning!?



Fitness? Weightloss? Or none of the above!

So February 12th 2015, I started my “fitness” journey! (haha fitness)

In the beginning I did okay, I started using Shakeology and I was doing the workouts for the 21 Day fitness. Yes, I was doing all the fun stuff. I lost weight and you could tell a difference in just those 21 Days. So yes, I liked the program, but I did not stick to it after the 21days. Maybe I wasn’t committed enough? At least that what I kept hearing. I know could always start the program back, but I do not really want to. I don’t feel like the program was me. Sound crazy?

Every now and then I will do the workouts from 21 Day fitness, but generally I just like to do my own thing, which consist of running/walking, squats and ab work.

My hardest obstacle is eating healthy. I guess I know what healthy foods are, but I am needing meal ideas! Breakfast is easy, generally I do yogurt and a banana. If I am really hungry I will do whole wheat oatmeal and fruit. I consider my breakfast a healthy meal, but is it really?  When it comes down to dinner ideas, I get so lost. I usually go for chicken breast every time & that gets pretty old! I don’t even attempt to meal prep because I don’t really know what meals to make.

The past few weeks I have been looking all over the internet for recipe ideas and meal prep “techniques”. I am really hoping I can get somewhere with this.

I’ll be sure to share what I find works best for me.

I want to start healthy eating habits now so I can pass them along to Kenzy. I feel like if she grows up with healthy options, it will be a lot easier than trying to change later in life. No worries, I not going to deprive her of the childhood sweets. But I do not want dinner to consist of Cheeto puffs and hamburgers.

If  anyone has any recipe ideas, blogs, websites please share them. I would greatly appreciate any help at this point!

My goal? My long term goal is to be 20 pounds down. Not by any specific date although I have a  4 month marker in the back of my mind. That’s a piece of cake, right? (MMMM cake!) However right now, my main goal is to learn how to cook healthy. Once I have conquered that step I’ll move on to other ones! Baby steps! 🙂