Easter Art

Hey everyone it has been a while since I have posted anything. Once again Motherhood and school has consumed all of my time!

I just thought I would share a little arts and crafts product Kenzy and I completed yesterday.

I seen the Easter Bunny idea circulating on my Facebook news feed so thought we would give it a try.

Here are the materials we used:


  1. Cotton balls
  2. 1 Paper plate
  3. 2 photos of Kenzy ( 1 photo would work just as well)
  4. Glue
  5. Construction paper (which I pre-cut, please excuse the uneven mess)
  6.  Makers ( this was if we did not use the photos)


  1. So I went ahead and pre-cut the body and ears also I glued the pictures to the paper plate. 2. Next, I  glued the body and ears to the the plate. ( Older children probably would not have a problem doing that own their own.) 3. I placed glue on the body 1st and gave her hand full of cotton balls, which she basically threw at the bunny. We did this until the body, face and ears were pretty much covered!




The Kenzy Bunny!

This was a fun little activity which took me about 15 minutes to  prep and about an 45 minutes to an hour of fun!



Just in case you werre wondering what happened with the Marker….. Here ya go! 🙂


Bad Mother of the Year Award…??? LOL

This week I experienced a moment of embarrassment. Embarrassment within myself.  It is my own fault and I am fully carrying the blame!  Many of you will look at this post and laugh, but I am writing this in all seriousness- well for the most part! 🙂


Personally I like just about all music; I am a big fan of R&B, but I also listen to a lot of Rap and Country music and there are occasional Rock and Pop songs I find enjoyable! There are a lot of songs (doesn’t matter the genre) that are not really appropriate for children to sing or even listen to. A lot of today’s music is based on relationships, heartbreak, money, drugs, sex, cars and more foolishness, yet we LOVE them so much. Growing up I thought that Rap music was the only genre that made this type of music..Rap music was the gateway music, LOL! But that’s not true at all!

For example: Luke Bryan’s song “Home Alone tonight”, I absolutely love the song and this song really is not explicit. But do you want your toddler/child singing, “Shot for shot for shot ’til we forgot what we came here to forget” or how about “Send it to my ex, I’ll send it to my ex and send ’em both a text. Saying we ain’t we ain’t going home alone tonight.” I sure know I do NOT! 9 times out of 10 your child will not even know what they are saying, but the point is, you do!

So what happened to me the other day did not make me feel like “Mommy of the Year!” 😦


Driving home, I turned the radio to one of the local Hip Hop/R&B stations and a song called “Say It” by Tory Lanez came on. This is a song that I really like, so I turn the music up a bit and start singing along. I soon noticed that I hear something that sounded like singing as well. My 15 month old child is in the backseat singing the hook “Youuuuuuu know, Youuuuuuu know, Youuuuuuu know!”

Yes it only 2 words: ‘You know’, there is no harm in that…. right? WRONG!

I just immediately cut the radio off!! I was in shock!

Now as I mentioned this is my own fault. Kenzy is very smart! Yes all parents say that about their babies, hehehe- Let them 🙂  But she has grasped on to her ABC’s very well & has learned many other songs from daycare, like Twinkle Little Star, Row your Boat & others. Also she is improving on her numbers & we are working more on her Spanish at home. So I knew her little mind grabbed onto songs pretty well! I guess I just didn’t think she heard the “other” music, my music enough to started learning the hooks!

Anywho, its is safe to say we no longer listen to the radio in the car. We now listen to one of Kenzy’s personalized CD’s full of fun kid songs! 🙂   YAYYYYY MEEE!   I am just going to keep saying YAYYYY MEEEE!!!

One of my co-workers did bring up a good point- what happens when she is with someone else and listening to their choice of music?

I though about it a bit. I know I can not shelter Kenzy from everything, especially music. So I am not going to try to!




The past couple days have been…

I absolutely hate seeing may baby sick. I am sure many parents can relate to that feeling. Generally I try to stay away from the “hate” word, but in this situation there is no better word.

Currently Kenzy is battling a double ear infection accompanied by a horrible cough and uncontrollable congestion! I know – I know, kids get ear infections all the time, a cough is nothing. But just knowing my little lady is battling something hurts my heart. Especially since I cant do anything to fix it.

Kenzy is a Happy toddler! I would have never known she didn’t feel good had she not had a fever of 102 over the weekend. (And yes, I am one of those mamas who hops in the car and races to the ER when it comes to fevers.) However this time I played it cool. I remembered my steps. So I gave her some Motrin & we got out the brain juice (water) and snuggled on the couch. About 30mins later the fever had broke to 99.8 and within about an hour it was gone. But its like that fever brought on a wave of other symptoms.

I don’t pay much attention to a little stuffiness. Here is Texas its winter, summer, spring, and fall all in 1 week, so I expect her allergies to be affected; mine usually are as well. But after that fever the congestion became 10 times worse, the drainage was thicker & there was a cough.

Oh that cough!

Saturday night I break out the nose saline, Nose Frida (which I absolutely love) and the humidifier! I want to make her as comfortable as possible. Saturday night went okay; there wasn’t too many middle of the night cries and quick nose suctions! However Sunday night was a completely different story. Every time she was good and sleep it seemed like her nose decided to play evil tricks and wake her up with a spasm of coughs until she threw up. This night I could defiantly tell she didn’t feel good. She was crying nonstop & clinging on to me for dear life; but as soon as I would hold her she would flip out like she didn’t want to be help. Yes, Sunday night was rough.

After multiple nose cleaning attempts, a lot of water (to break up that mucous) and hugs and kisses, I finally got her good and settled about 3am.

This created the 1st morning she wasn’t up before me. I had to wake her! I had to dress her while she was sleeping. This really hurt my heart how tired my baby was.

I called her Doctor as soon as they opened, 7:30am! They were able to squeeze us in that afternoon. Around 3:30 that day her dad calls me and tells me Double ear infection (which she just had one 4 weeks ago) and she has to start a breathing treatment.

I know you may feel I am over reacting, but it really sucks when there is something wrong with your child. You try and protect you child from physical harm, the “mean” kids at school, but we also try and protect our children from getting sick.

After I am done feeling shitty about Kenzy having another ear infection; I call the pharmacy to get an estimate on when the prescriptions will be filled.

The response I get “I am sorry we do not have a prescription for her.”

I don’t flip out. I understand mix ups happen. So I call every pharmacy I have used in my town to see if her prescription was sent there. Only to be told, “I am sorry we do not have a prescription for her.”

So now I have gotten upset! I called her doctor, and I got the after hours line. I spent from 5pm-9pm trying to get her medications Monday night and no one could help me. How could people be so unhelpful about medications for a sick child. I understand her situation may not be severe, but in my eyes I would have to disagree!

So Monday night consisted of the same regimens – nose saline, nose frida, and humidifier. I didn’t receive any different results; she had a very rough night!

Tuesday morning, 7:35 sharp, I left a very detailed message with the doctors office. I was  not rude, I was able to suppress my anger! The prescriptions where magically sent to the correct pharmacy; only for the pharmacy to tell me that there is a hold on the solution for the Nebulizer  and her primary and secondary insurance will not cover the Nebulizer cost. The only thing the pharmacy has that I can pick up is the antibiotics for the ear infection!

Did I flip my shit?! No…haha I didn’t! I had to “whoosaa,” but I was okay!

I tried to remain positive and think at least her antibiotics is in. I can at least start her on that today.

So currently I am at work trying to WORK and figure out what place will accept her insurance, if they accept her insurance will I receive the Nebulizer the same day or if I need to just pay cash and avoid all this extra mess! Either way I need to be sure she has all her medications today!!

This situation + the lovely weather (its 50 degrees and raining cows and horses btw.) = the best morning I have had in a while.

(Fake smiles, with my head cocked to the side, my eyes bucked open and hair falling out.)

So how is your morning!?



1 down 17 more to go

Well I knew the day was coming, but I didn’t realize it would creep up on me so quickly. While I’ve been away we celebrated my daughters 1st birthday. I absolutely never want to plan another party – haha, seriously!

I was an emotional mess the week before her 1st birthday. Mostly because I felt my baby was no longer going to be A Baby, but also the stress of planning a good party is overwhelming. Of course I am the “do it yourself person” so I refused to ask for help although it was offered many times.

I would just like to share some photos of my little one during her birthday celebration!

The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl

We held the celebration at the play area at a nearby Church!

Kenzy, her Dad, & Grandmother. You can feel the love in this photo!

Kenzy, her Dad, & Grandmother. You can feel the love in this photo!

Hide and Seek in the play house...anyone?

Hide and Seek in the play house…anyone?



Run, run, as fast as you can!

Run, run, as fast as you can!

I used Etsy for 90% of the decorations.


Kenzys 1 year timeline!

Kenzys 1 year timeline!

Time Capsule!

Time Capsule!

So the #1 started to fall on the Cake started to fall and was mistaken as an Elephants trunk. HAha, I was a little upset.

The Cake! One Word - Delicious!

The Cake! One Word – Delicious!

She was not really feeling her personal Cookie Cake.

She was not really feeling her personal Cookie Cake.

Well, you cant forget the gifts!


Must have been a good conversation

Must have been a good conversation



A lot of family and friends came out to help us celebrate! All in all I believe it turned out pretty well.

Kenzy's grandmother and Uncle

Kenzy’s grandmother and Uncle

My best friend, her son and I

My best friend, her son and I


Kenzy’s Great Aunts in black, Her Aunt in white and Older Cousin





Thanks for letting me share this Even with you! 🙂

- You have the world to grow & the love of your family behind you every step of the way.

– You have the world to grow & the love of your family behind you every step of the way.

Spankings? Right or Wrong?

It has been a while since I’ve posted anything; this is not because I lack things to say, but because I have failed at making time to say them. This post will be sort of all over the place; I apologize in advance for that.
Over the past few months things have been forever changing in my life. Two big events took place over the past few months, my daughters 1st birthday and my sudden change in Majors/career path. A lot of people do not understand my emotions for having to change my major; I have been dead set on what I wanted to do since I was in 10th grade & then next thing you know I had to reevaluate my choices. (That story is for another day.)
I am in a class called Sociology – Marriage and Family; the course is fairly interesting and we seem to always have engaging discussions of very different topics. Recently one of the discussions was over spankings. I realize this is a very controversial issue. The discussion left me questioning my decisions in how I disciplining my daughter. Although I may be judged I would like to share where I have stood on this situation for a while. (Please keep in mind, as I research and study more about human behavior I am a little perplexed with my current decisions!)
My daughter is only 1; I believe this is an age way too young for a spanking, which I read is defined as a swat on the bottom with an open hand. That is not generally how I would define a spanking. My definition was created from my childhood experiences. If Kenzy is to misbehave she is generally told “No No,” “stop,” or anything along those lines. I try to explain to her why she should stop or why she can’t mess with something in the best way I know how to a 1 year old! However there have been times I would pop her hand if her misbehavior was constant or she could potentially hurt herself. If I was to pop her hand, it’s just hard enough to get her attention and then I tell her why she was popped. (Not that she really listens.) I understand there are some people that may believe I am ruining my child because of my methods to discipline.
I would really love the opinion of other parents and grandparents on spankings. Are we expressing that we love our children less? Are we confusing them by using a physical form of punishment? Is punishment not the object when I child misbehaves constantly? Should we be focusing on reinforcement, reinforcing the good behavior of the misbehaved behavior? Are parents not reinforcing good behavior with the use of punishment or spankings?
Sure there are all types of studies provided from psychologist and other researchers regarding this matter, but I would like the opinions & ‘what worked best for you’ stories. I understand this is a touchy subject for most, but being open and honest helps everyone evolve