Save on Books this Semester

With the Spring semester rolling around, I thought I’d share some information on available books at

Amazon has the option to rent the textbooks and ship back, which I find very beneficial. Also a lot of times the rental price from Amazon is cheaper compared to your campus book store.

I strongly suggest checking out Amazon; here are a few I rented over the past few semesters:

//” target=”_blank”>Comprehensive Stress Management

//“>Behavioral Sciences STAT


Hope you find this helpful in your search!


I need your help!

Hey everyone!

I would really appreciate if you all would take a few moments and answer a 10 question survey for my Gender Psych class.

Click HERE.

The survey is completely anonymous, so please be 100% honest.

Thank you very much for taking the time to help me! ūüôā

School Ramblings

My 1st semester at a University starts Tuesday. For some reason I find myself pretty nervous about the change! It is not like this is my rodeo in College; I spent almost 4 years at a Junior college working towards my degree. (Details on that click HERE.)

I don’t know why I have this fear of attending the University. Maybe its the work load. Could it be that different? Maybe it is the professors. I have¬†heard they are¬†much more strict.¬†Or maybe its¬†the fact that I am working towards another 2 year goal.¬†Maybe I am just¬†worrying myself for no reason.

I feel like a kid again, starting a new school year. On one level I am exciting classes are starting back up; I am excited to LEARN new things and become that much closer to my Bachelors degree. And then on some other level, school is starting & I have to find time to study, do homework, take tests & those same things that make starting school exciting also make me nervous!

But I know all I can do is take each day as it comes to me!



Motivation Monday…. anyone?

I know we all have those days/weeks where we need a little motivation. Whether you are needing an extra nudge to complete that last mile, homework assignment or just to get through the day. So every Monday (or every other Monday) I will post a motivational quote, picture, story or all of the above. #MotivationMonday

Cliche? HAha, yes very! But maybe someone will take something from it! Someone may find some use from it ūüôā

The 1st post to start of this “tradition” is below:

motivation monday # 1

This may apply to people in different ways. Some may find this as a fitness inspired quote, but it doesn’t have to be.

How do you interpret it? How does this motivate you? What are you trying to accomplish?

Me? Well I could provide you a list. However when I read this quote I instantly thought about school. I had been working very heard towards getting into the Dental program since Fall 2011; when I was finally accepted I was unable to attend because I had to put my family 1st. (Ehh it sounds bad when I say it like that…) I was unable to find a job that paid what I make now; Sure I could have accepted a pay-cut. It would have been worth it after I obtained my degree, right? Believe me I considered it; but after weighing all my options it did not seem like a feasible option at the time. I want to provide for my family and attend school, not struggle and attend school.

Am I making any sense?

After declining the offer to start Dental school I have really been on the fence about not continuing school and just trying to make the “best career” I could at my current job.

This quote was just a reminder for me!

Yes, I am tired, very tired of feeling like I’m spinning in circles with school, tired of feeling unaccomplished, tired of no results.

Well, I will be walking the stage December 11th with my Associates on Psychology. I am very aware that my career options are limited with an Associates in this field, so I am already enrolled to start working towards my Bachelors in January.

I am tired, but I have not stopped because I am not DONE!

Keep pushing, it gets better!

-Michelle A



***Photos/quotes used in this blog post are not mine/created by me, unless I state otherwise. I locate these on Google image and post what appeals to me that day.***